Winter and Summer Pitch Prices

We're sure you have all been grappling with rising energy costs!  In the past, we have had a fixed price for all year round, which has been £19 for Summer 2022.  However, this won't be viable for this Winter.  Caravans and motorhomes use much more electricity in the cold, dark months.  In February 2021, we took some meter readings.  We had some days with no-one here and then other days with one or two caravans and motorhomes present.  This is what we found out ~

The pitch site facilities were using 12Kw over 24 hours ~ this is for the background heat without anyone having a shower or running hot water etc. This is needed for frost protection.  The caravans and motorhomes were using 28~30 Kw each per day.  If the price rises to 50p per Kw, this is approaching £15 per night plus the standing charge plus the portacabin heating and showers (at least £6 per day shared between the number of guests).  This is also assuming that the February guests were typical and that 28~30 Kw a day is the average amount.  We provide 16 amp ehus and the maximum that can be delivered is 2.4Kw which equates to 57Kw per day.  This means the electricity cost per unit to us could be as much as £30 per 24 hour period.  There are, of course, other costs associated with running a campsite.

So we can either close the pitches over the winter months or increase pitch prices.   Another idea is to meter the electricity on each hook up and charge whatever is used ~ any comments on this very welcome, please e mail.

In addition, you are welcome to come on a non ehu basis, which is £18 per night for 2 adults.  Maybe the way forward is for many more to have solar panels, use gas and batteries etc.  We are also offering metered electricity on two of the pitches ~ this might be better if you are a light user.

We are similarly investing in some solar panels to help out, but these will not make much impact over the winter months.  We will reduce prices in the Spring depending on the new price per Kw by then but also acknowledging that people use a lot less electricity in the summer.

Sorry for this long explanation, but we have never faced this energy costs hike before and we wanted to explain how we arrived at the figure of £28 per night.